Boguslav is a private limited company. We have been producing modern agricultural machinery for many years and to this day we are one of the leading and dynamically developing companies in the industry.

The total area of our enterprise is 5.8 ha. Three production workshops are fully equipped with equipment for the production of agricultural machinery, every year we introduce new metalworking technologies.

Due to the high quality of products and the introduction of new technological solutions, the company occupies a leading position among manufacturers of sprayers in Europe.

The plant equipment includes modern production equipment from Europe, Japan and China. This allows the production of agricultural machinery with guaranteed high quality, and the company's resources cover the entire production cycle, from the creation of plans, prototyping and testing, to the mass production of ready-made products.

Our process,

Our highly qualified engineers work in modern simulation programs.

3D design allows you to immediately check kinematic schemes, find possible locations of inconsistencies and points of closure of mechanisms. In this way, you can rationally use the space by compactly placing all structural elements of the designed machines.


We are one of the first manufacturers of agricultural machinery that has introduced a system for calculating production efficiency by simulating finite elements.

This approach allows the prediction of the most tense points of the structure, which prevents possible failures at the design stage. In addition, it allows you to level the load area throughout the structure, avoiding "extra" metal and weight. Force calculations are carried out both for the structure as a whole and for its individual elements / nodes to improve the accuracy of the results.

This increases the reliability of the design.

Creating new structures begins with 3D modeling and testing of all kinematic schemes.

Then the design power is calculated taking into account the maximum dynamic loads that can occur during machine operation. Then a prototype is produced, the accuracy of the power calculation using strain gauges is checked, and corrections are carried out according to the test results. Then tests are carried out on the test platform and on the ground at high intensity of dynamic loads.


One of the last stages of production is checking the machine for fatigue and reliability in extreme conditions.

A special test stand was created at the plant to determine the strength of the machine. It mimics the maximum possible dynamic load at a frequency that is several times higher than real conditions. The empirical reduced load factors on the test platform are: 1: 30-1: 40. This means that in one day we will be able to simulate a month of fieldwork. During this test, all failures are eliminated to determine not only the first, but also the next possible failures, until the machine can be brought back to work.


The company uses the Bystronic BySprint Pro laser cutter.

It allows cutting metal with a thickness of 0.5-25 mm with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. Using Bysoft 7 software, you can make a batch of identical parts of any complexity and quantity with minimal waste. Thanks to the use of Bystronic BySprint Pro laser cutting technology and the Bystronic Xpert Press, our company has developed many designs without the use of metal pipes, optimized both in terms of production technology and strength.

This process enables the optimization of existing constructions, significantly reducing labor costs during welding.

Welding works are carried out by semi-automatic welding in a protective gas mixture.

To ensure the geometric accuracy of the arrangement of the frame elements, special conductors for their fastening were developed. Some welding works are performed using a Japanese robot with the function of continuous monitoring of the spatial position of the torch.

Extremely precise compatibility with welding technology, the robot's trajectory contributes to maintaining consistently high weld quality.

Full sandblasting of welded constructions with subsequent metal scrubbing, which can remain after welding, guarantees the durability of further painting.

Powder coating technology provides high-quality corrosion protection. Powder coating is a layer of polymer powders that are sprayed onto the surface of the product and then subjected to polymerization at a specific temperature in a special furnace.

The powder coating creates a shock-resistant anti-corrosive coating that reliably protects metal structures from the effects of aggressive chemicals and liquid fertilizers.

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