Our specialization is the production of sprayers and equipment for the application of liquid mineral fertilizers for plant protection.

We have a highly qualified staff and modern equipment. We work with leading global producers of technologically advanced components. This allows us to offer the latest, innovative technologies for the use of fertilizers for plant protection.

Our equipment will protect your harvest!


Trailed sprayers

We offer our clients the best trailed sprayers in terms of quality and functionality.

The two most important factors that contribute to the high quality of our sprayers are: the use of advanced, modern technologies and design solutions in their production, and the use of components from world-class manufacturers of equipment used in agriculture.

Here are some of them: Annovi Reverberi (sprayer pumps), Weasler (cardan shafts for agricultural equipment), Lechler (nozzles), Raven (precision agriculture equipment), ARAG (computer control systems and plastic parts for spray systems).


Self-propelled sprayers

The best self-propelled sprayers in terms of quality and functionality, which are produced in cooperation with MAZZOTTI.

The Italian company Mazzotti manufactures self-propelled chassis on which Boguslav manufactures and installs spray systems for plant protection.

The high quality of the machines is achieved thanks to the use of advanced, modern technologies and design solutions in their production, as well as cooperation with world-famous equipment manufacturers: Poclain Hydraulics, Sauer (transmission), Perkins (diesel engine), Raven (navigator and autopilot), ARAG (on-board computer and components for spraying systems).


Fertilizer applicators

The best way to fertilize the soil is to use the BOGUSLAV PZHU applicators.

Fertilization equipment has all the necessary equipment to effectively use it for its intended purpose.

PZHU is equipped with a working fluid tank (volume depends on the series and model), as well as a highly reliable power supply and distribution system. At the same time, the applicators are equipped with everything necessary to conveniently operate them in manual or automatic mode.

The fluid supply process, construction and arrangement of mechanisms as a whole, and their individual parts are thought out in such a way as to exclude the risk of leaks of introduced liquid fertilizers. The application discs have been designed to avoid clogging with particles of earth, and the speed specified by the operator varies depending on the speed of the unit.
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