Trailed Sprayer

Odyssey 2000 18

The advantage of this sprayer is the ability to spray plants without refueling over a large area (tank capacity - 2000l). It can also be equipped with a side mixer to prepare the working fluid directly in the tank.
Technical data:
Folding / unfolding mechanism [m]
Working boom height [m]
Main tank volume [l]
Annovi Reverberi pump capacity [l/min]
Tire size
9,5 R32
Clearance [mm]
Unit weight [t]
Track width [m]
1,4 - 2,1
PTO shaft, manufacturer / model
Weasler / AB1, L=1010mm
Additional options:
- electronic regulation with Bravo 180S computer (3,5,7 sections)
- electronic regulation with Bravo 400S LT + GPS computer (7 sections automatic on / off control of the section)
- electronic regulation with Bravo 400S + GPS + SELETRON computer (automatic control of each nozzle on / off)
- ISOBUS control system
- side mixer (Polmac) 35.42 or 50l
- pumps (Annovi Reverberi)
- 9.5 R42 tires
- 3 ways nozzle holder
- ST, ID, IDK, FL nozzles
- hose dispensers for RSM
- kit „self-priming of sprayer” (by its own pump)
- kit „priming of sprayer through quick disconnect connectors” (by external combustion engine of any power)
- kit „tank and spraying system washing „ with a clean water tank 170l
- boom lighting with 4 LED lamps or under each nozzle
- sprayer control panel
- mechanically adjustable support foot

Trailed Sprayer

Odyssey 2000 18

The unit of this model is ideal for processing crops in large areas, due to the large volume of the working fluid tank - 2000l.

This tank volume did not cause problems with maintaining the working fluid concentration at the same level, because the tank is equipped with two injection mixers with reliable ceramic nozzles. They are installed at the bottom of the tank.

To make working with the sprayer more convenient, it can be optionally equipped with a side mixer, in which the working fluid can be prepared directly in the tank.

To increase the reliability of the sprayer, components of the best world producers are used in its construction. The pump and computer (option) are Italian, the nozzles are German, the drive shaft is Dutch and the GPS navigator (option) is American. The names of the manufacturers are given below in the table with the technical specifications.

There will be no problem with the configuration of some technical parameters of the device that directly affect its performance and bandwidth.

For example, the height of the boom from ground level can be smoothly changed directly during movement. This function is provided by two hydraulic cylinders and a parallelogram suspension. The minimum height is 0.7 m. The maximum is 1.85 m.

In addition, if the need arises, it is possible to constantly change the width of the sprayer track in the range of 1.4 m - 2.1 m.

Good cross-country ability of this model is also achieved due to the fact that it has a significant clearance of 550 mm.

The frame and the hydraulic boom of the device are made of corrosion resistant elements (metal parts are sandblasted and painted with powder polymer). In addition, the structure provides for knots and elements necessary for damping vibrations (hydromechanical system), stabilization (swinging mechanism), return to the working position after deflection in the horizontal plane in the event of a collision with an obstacle.
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