Tractor sprayer - what is it and what are their types?

Suspended sprayers - have you ever wondered what types they are and how to choose the perfect one for your farm?

Are you aware of the advantages of using such equipment in agriculture? In this article we will try to answer these and many other questions about how exactly a field sprayer works and what it is used for.

Suspended sprayers - features

There are various types of trailed sprayers on the market, which differ in many respects.

First of all, they differ in such things as working width, tank capacity, which can range from a few to several tens of liters. In addition to this, the methods of spraying crop protection products are also different. Some models use traditional nozzles for this purpose, while others use modern technologies, such as ultrasound, for example.

The choice of a suitable sprayer should depend primarily on the individual needs and expectations of the user. It is worth paying attention to such parameters as the capacity of the tank, the method of spraying, as well as the convenience of use.

Some features of trailed sprayers are:

  • hydraulic lifting
  • triple filtration system
  • liquid system flushing system
  • road lighting
  • torsion hitch
  • fixed pressure valve with shut-off valve

In addition to this, accessories are also important - for example, larger spare wheels, a hand-washing tank or adequate stabilization.

How to choose the perfect trailed sprayer for your farm?

Choosing the right trailed sprayer is crucial for effective farm work. Parameters such as capacity, operating range and type of nozzles should be tailored to the specifics of your farm.

For example, for large crops, sprayers with a larger capacity and range are recommended, while for smaller and more precise work, models with smaller specifications, but equipped with advanced nozzles, will work better.

When choosing a sprayer, it is also worth paying attention to its ergonomics and ease of use. A well-designed sprayer should be easy to maneuver, stable during operation and simple to use.

It is also extremely important that the sprayer is equipped with systems to prevent leaks and ensure even distribution of crop protection products. Remember, choosing the right sprayer is an investment that translates into efficiency and safety for your work.

Advantages of using trailed sprayers in agriculture

There are many benefits to using trailed sprayers in agriculture. First of all, these devices are extremely efficient and can greatly speed up the process of spraying crops. As a result, farmers can save valuable time, which they can devote to other important tasks. Trailer-mounted sprayers are also very easy to operate, which further facilitates their daily use.

The second advantage of using trailed sprayers is their versatility. These units can be easily adapted to different types of crops, making them ideal for farmers who grow a variety of crops. Trailed sprayers are also very durable and can last for many years, making them a very cost-effective solution for farmers.

A third, but no less important, advantage of using trailed sprayers is that they are environmentally friendly. These devices allow precise dosage of crop protection products, which minimizes the risk of overuse. As a result, farmers can take better care of the environment and ensure the safety of their crops. Trailed sprayers are therefore not only practical, but also environmentally friendly.

Hydraulic lifting - what's changing in trailed sprayers?

Hydraulic lifting is one of the most important innovations in the world of trailed sprayers. It significantly increases efficiency and comfort in the field. Not only does it allow you to precisely adjust the height of the sprayer to a wide variety of terrain conditions, but it also automates the process, which reduces the time needed to operate it.

The use of hydraulics in trailed sprayers opens up new possibilities for farmers, especially those working on large, diverse plots of land. Traditional sprayers can be cumbersome to adjust and require constant attention from the operator. With hydraulic systems, different work scenarios can be programmed, allowing the operator to focus on other aspects of agrotechnology.

But comfort is not the only consideration here. Precise raising and lowering of the sprayer has a direct impact on the quality of the spray and the effectiveness of the chemicals. Nozzle positions that are too low or too high can result in uneven distribution of substances, resulting in suboptimal use of agents and potentially lower yields.

Comparison of the trailed sprayer with other types of sprayers

Analyzing different types of sprayers, the trailed sprayer is distinguished by several important features. On the one hand, their main advantage is the ease of transport and storage. Thanks to their ability to be attached to various types of vehicles, they are extremely mobile and flexible in use.

On the other hand, they may not be as effective as some stationary sprayer models, especially for large areas.

Compared to other types of sprayers, such as backpack sprayers and hand-held sprayers, trailed sprayers offer greater efficiency and comfort, but may require more money.

Operating and maintenance manual for trailed sprayers"

Managing and maintaining trailed sprayers in proper condition is key to their effective operation and longevity. First of all, regular cleaning of the equipment after each use is essential to prevent clogging of nozzles and other components. You should also regularly check the condition of all parts, including hoses, seals and filters. If any malfunction is detected, it is essential to fix it immediately. In addition, always follow the manufacturer's recommendations for maintaining and servicing the equipment. Below is a checklist that can help you keep your sprayer in good condition:

  • Regularly clean the equipment after each use.
  • Check the condition of all parts, including hoses, gaskets and filters.
  • Immediate removal of detected defects.
  • Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for equipment maintenance and service.

The most common problems and solutions related to trailed sprayers

Professional farmers and amateurs alike can encounter various problems when using trailed sprayers. The number one problem is often improper dispersal of the chemical.

This may be due to improper nozzle adjustment, leading to uneven plant coverage. The solution to this problem is to regularly check and clean the nozzles. The second most common problem is mechanical damage, such as cracks in the tank or damage to the pumps. In this case, it is necessary to replace the damaged parts. Below is a list of the most common problems and how to solve them:

  1. Improper dispersion of the chemical - regularly check and clean the nozzles.
  2. Mechanical damage - replacement of damaged parts.
  3. Pressure problems - check and possibly replace the pressure regulator.
  4. Leaks - inspect all connections and seals.
  5. Problems with the filter - regular cleaning or replacement of the filter.

Trailed field sprayers from Boguslav Group Agro's product range

In the agricultural machinery market, the trailed sprayer is very popular. These devices are extremely useful in the daily work of a farmer, especially during the period of intensive field work. Among the many brands available, it is worth noting a few that stand out from the competition.

Sprayers from the offer of Boguslav Group Agro are characterized by high quality workmanship, reliability and precision of operation. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, these devices allow accurate and efficient distribution of plant protection products. They are not only solidly made, but also equipped with a number of functions that make work easier and more efficient.

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